Herbert Kawanstraat 15
3543 BJ Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone + 31 (0)6 533 00 220
VanSoestDolmans is an independent business management organisation which offers pragmatic and strongly solutions oriented support to large and medium size businesses.

We work in an involved and decisive manner, unequivocally and without thick reports. We choose to get straight to the point and consequently can offer and implement tangible and concise solutions. Often in the role of catalyst or perhaps as a booster, to ensure that what has to happen does actually happen. 

VanSoestDolmans advises and supports Shareholders, Private Owners, Directors, Financial Institutions and Investment companies. The services include providing strategic advice, guiding takeovers and mergers and providing support during exceptional business situations. In addition, improving the financial structure of an enterprise and adjusting risk management in accordance with the (expansion) phase that the enterprise finds itself in, form part of our portfolio of services.